Old Lane Mill ( Rawsons Mill )


Old Lane Mill Dye Works, Halifax
Located in the textiles valley of Halifax this Mill was built for James Ackroyd, when James left the
partnership of his father and brother Jonathan.
 James set up his own Mill at Old Lane in 1811, though it is not clear if this is the same building.
The ealiest recording of a mill on this site is in 1816, but the steam powered worsted mill was built by James Ackroyd in 1825. At the time this was one of the largest mills in the district and was iron framed and was fitted with stone floors to support the machinery......a first in any British mill.
Owners and tenants of the works have included
* Jeremiah Rawson [1836]
 * William Henry Rawson [1870]
 * William H. Rawson & Company [1861, 1874]
 * Joseph Moxon Kirk & Sons [1890]
 * Old Lane Dyeworks Company Limited [1905]
 * Davis, Gordon & Company [1905]
 * Allen North & Company [1905] 
This building was given Grade II Listed status in 1994, listed because it is the oldest and largest surviving example of
 a multi-storey, steam-powered, iron-framed textile mill in the important textile centre of
 Halifax, it is probably also the best preserved example for its date in Yorkshire.
The night watchman fired a blunderbuss each night to signal that he was on duty.


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