What is Urban Exploration?


First of all! Why do we do it?

Lets just say "It's the thrill of it all"

There's nothing to compare the adrenalin rush you get upon entering a derelict building. Not knowing what to expect within It's walls.

For me, It's also piecing together the history that goes with it and trying to feel what it would have been like when the site was alive and kicking.

Photography plays a massive part. Documenting ones explores without images is all well and good, but you lose all the atmosphere that goes with it.

Exploring doesn't go without It's hidden dangers either! Rotten floors can suddenly give way without warning, roofs and walls can collapse. Many derelict buildings still contain asbestos! Which can be deadly if interfered with. Pigeon droppings and dust can also cause respiritory problems!  Drug addicts can often frequent derelict buildings leaving their used needles. Do your research on the place you intend to visit, and wear the appropriate attire. If in doubt..... Stay out.

There are however, a couple of important factors to Urban Exploring that simply can't be ignored! The first is gaining entry to a building/site. Always use a natural point of access..... A broken window, a loose/missing board, open door etc. If you do happen to get caught! Either by land/building owner, police or security! The most likely outcome will just result in you being asked to leave or escorted off the property. Get to know your rights, that way you will know where you stand. Breaking an entry however is a different matter! It's against the law, and liable to prosecution. And that is one thing an explorer should never do. Secondly, and It's quite simple really, take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing but footprints.


And finally.............

To all fellow explorers and newcomers!